Bringing Ritual Home
Published Watkins: Mind Body Spirit Autumn 2016 Issue 47 page 73

I’m sitting in an airport… in Northern Sweden, homeward bound after a week of speaking engagements, talking about the need for ritual, story, and poetry in our distracted,¬†narcissistic¬†society…..
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Messaging The Soul
Published Counselling At Work Winter 2015 pp8-13

William Ayot brings the lost art of ritual and embodiment to the corporate sector. Working with leaders, he outlines how ritual can offer a spiritual homecoming which could transform the culture of work:
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A Sprinkling of Oats: Meaningful Rituals for a Modern World
Published in the Journal of Holistic Healthcare Vol 12, no. 2, 2015

Ritual has been a part of human self-care and growth since the dawn of time, but with the coming of the scientific age and secularism we have lost touch with ritual to our great loss. This article looks at the possibilities inherent in ritual, its capacities to repair wounds.
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