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2020 December 17th
How to Deepen Your Connections Through the Power of Ritual.  Episode 246 with  Click here for the transcript

ERP 246: How to Deepen Your Connection Through the Power of Ritual – An Interview with William Ayot

William Ayot has worked in personal development and organizational settings, using poetry and the arts to teach worldwide. He speaks about his emotional state at the age of 30, being clinically depressed, not finding any joy in relationships, and he then “fell into a hole.” William was able to climb out of his hole by doing ritual work and discovering the world of personal development.
Working with groups of Shamans who used rituals in a very particular way. “I was fascinated, and this began to help me in my personal process.” After completing a ritual for the atonement of the feminine, William met a woman whom he fell in love with and is still in a relationship with to this day, over two decades later. He then realized that ritual work was also applicable to people in relationships. From here, he found himself working for individuals and groups, teaching them the process and value of ritual.
When working with couples, William will design and create a ritual for the couple to practice. This helps to know people’s spirituality, what they need when interfacing with each other, and the sacred world. He strives to meet people where they are most present and connected in their lives and the world. At this point, he creates rituals that initiate change.
Listen in to find out why rituals are a way of creating an image to send a message to the soul, how rituals are a critical part of our intention-setting and co-creating and why rituals can tie up loose ends with our sense of lack in the current environment.

2019 May 6th
Podcast – The Art of Manliness, ‘A Man’s Need for Ritual’
The podcast lasts 51mins 55secs

William Ayot discusses the power of ritual, why rituals have declined in Western culture, and what makes a ritual, a ritual.  To Listen please click here

2016 July 19
A Druid Podcast Episode 112
Philip Carr-Gomm, Chief of The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids and William Ayot talking.

Click here to listen to the podcast

2015 October 18th 
Interview on Radio Scotland with William Ayot and Richard Holloway.
The podcast lasts 12mins 10secs