with William Ayot

William’s fee is £2,000 per day or £300 per hour for one-to-one Corporate Coaching

“All leaders are communicators and many are highly skilled but every leader can benefit from the insights and observations of an experienced and impartial communications coach”.

William Ayot’s intensive and focused form of personal impact coaching is specifically tailored for those leaders who are facing important challenges in communications, such as set-piece presentations, key-note speeches, conference appearances and crucial meetings. It is also particularly useful for those who are taking up new posts and/or stepping into greater, more public roles. As a poet, dramatist, speechwriter and widely experienced key-note speaker, William has explored the subject of communications and performance from a unique and powerful perspective. His insight and pin-point focus have helped innumerable leaders, to increase their personal impact and maximize their effectiveness in communications.

Experienced leaders can feel as much doubt and uncertainty as anyone else. In my coaching sessions I aim to find the block and address it. That way, working together, we can remove that niggling voice of doubt”.

Having worked intensively with the CEOs of global corporations, high ranking civil servants, senior clerics and entrepreneurs around the world, William has evolved an agreeable yet incisive way of dealing with client’s various needs. Sessions can take the form of rehearsals, run-throughs or one-on-one workshops. Techniques for relaxation are explored, and practical steps taken towards greater presence, authenticity, and specific audience connection.

“Sometimes maximising our impact can depend upon reading our audience and making a simple change of emphasis or style in the moment. What we need is the ability to spot the moment and then move to the appropriate style with conscious ease. At that point we are talking about something close to mastery”.

Personal impact coaching is, by its very nature, specific to the needs of the client but it can cover, for example, any of the following topics:

  • Speechwriting – including the content, order and weighting of speeches
  • Developing narrative – story work and storytelling
  • Overcoming and addressing blocks to personal effectiveness
  • Voice work – including tone, pace and variety
  • Relaxation, breathing, centering and self-soothing – overcoming anxieties
  • Meaningful body language – and movement in space
  • Important meetings – weight, gravitas and power
  • Interview technique – boards and similar competitive situations

Each session, or series of sessions is tailored to the individual leader’s (or team’s) needs.  Contact us to book a coaching session