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William offers one to one bespoke rituals.

Bespoke Rituals are tailored to your personal requirements, and aligned with your spiritual belief system (or lack thereof). They are crafted to create a sense of inner change, while observing certain rules of ‘safety and spiritual hygiene’.
The cost of such rituals can vary, depending upon your requirements, the time involved, and the ritual’s complexity. A bespoke personal ritual takes considerable preparation on both sides. Normally, William will have a preliminary meeting with you to discuss what the issue is, to help clarify your intention, and to establish the ritual’s context. From that beginning he will design your personal ritual. There will often be a second meeting to go through what you need to do to prepare yourself and gather equipment. Then there will be a meeting when William will lead you through the ritual (or in time of Covid, set things up for you to perform your own ritual, safely witnessed.)
William’s basic fee is £120 an hour. For those who are unable to pay the whole amount, there may be a chance to undertake some ‘boon work’ on William’s Ritual Garden in Monmouthshire, South East Wales.
Adjustments in Time of Covid:  Alternating lockdowns and re-openings of the current pandemic, mean that rituals may need to be postponed, held with a witness (who is fully coached) or delivered partially online. Safety and the ritual’s integrity remain our primary concern.
Please contact info@williamayot.com to ask about a bespoke ritual for yourself.