Modern Men and Masculinity Questionnaire  (3MQ)

A Questionnaire for Men

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Thank you for opening the “Modern Men and Masculinity Questionnaire” (3MQ). This is a broad survey, covering many areas of your life as a man. The information gathered here will help me in writing my new book – for and about men as we enter the second decade of the twenty-first century.

I’m profoundly grateful that you are taking the time to help me.

If you answer all/most of the questions it should take you about twenty minutes depending on how many questions you chose to answer – and could take longer if you want to leave longer answers and/or add comments).

Your willingness to answer these questions indicates your consent to participate in this survey, and gives me permission to use the data gathered for my writing.

This is an anonymous survey. The platform we use assures us that it can guarantee respondent’s anonymity but says that ultimate anonymity rests with those who ask the questions. I will treat your responses with the same respect that I have given men and groups in re-hab, recovery rooms, personal development, and rituals over the last thirty years. Once collated and beyond all possibility of tracing, I will use the material gained for my writing, and interviews.

For those of you who might be willing to be interviewed, there is a space for your email address at the end of the questionnaire. This will make it a strictly confidential exchange rather than an anonymous interaction. The information will be dealt with by myself, or trusted persons in my employ. If you prefer to retain full anonymity, just leave the ‘your email’ space blank.

I have neither political nor corporate affiliation. If you feel that the questions are loaded in some way, please do leave a comment at the end of the questionnaire.

This is an international questionnaire (written in British English), and prepared for men of all backgrounds and nationalities, so there may be some repetitions to help with cultural and language differences. If anything is unclear – please leave the answer blank and add a comment – so that I can clear it up.

Please, answer all questions as honestly as possible. If there’s a question that you find difficult, irritating, or invasive, you can either leave it and move on or leave a comment. Your feedback will help me as I go along.

Lastly, I believe your answers will help other men further down the line – so I want to thank you for your interest – and for your time.

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William Ayot