Email From The Soul: ¬†New and Selected Leadership Poems: won The People’s Book Prize Special Achievement Award in 2013.

The comments below are verbatim from the voters, and are comments they made on the People’s Book Prize website when voting¬†Spring 2013 for Email From The Soul


William is a superb poet. I urge you to attend one of his poetry readings to hear him read is sublime. Excellent book…saw him read at the Oxford Literary Festival last month..and loved it. He is such a great reader and has a powerful energy in the room. I think I am in love!!!

This book crosses a boundary taking poetry into the working world unlike any poetry I have seen before and it meets the soul. Beautiful language with a profound message. I hope many read it.

Beautiful and moving expressions of vulnerability and resilience.

Excellent book of leadership poetry, which has inspired and moved me. Spread the word!!!

Tell everyone about this gem of a book I was moved to tears when I heard William Ayot read from this book recently. His words shook me to the core of my being. When I went to thank him afterwards, he gave me the book as a gift (even though I was a complete stranger). I am now reading it slowly and trying to savour it – restricting myself to a couple of poems a day – to make it last. Very special.

The poems aren’t ‘show-off’ clever. But quietly, deeply, profoundly wise. They are not made to impress other poets!

This is an extraordinary book that captures the essence of the modern life we live in the corporate world. I have read and shared these poems with corporate audiences and they have been moved to tears by the elegance and truth of these carefully worded observations They really are for ‘the people’. They use everyday language that nevertheless goes straight to the jugular with a wake-up call sometimes shouted, sometimes whispered but impossible to ignore.

This is a great book which should be available in schools as it carries such wisdom in the creative poems.

Through his poetry, William has an ability to reach parts of us that most leadership, management, organisation or self-help books fail to do. These poems are providing a subtle opening to hidden parts of ourselves, and what a joy it is to have those parts brought to our attention. This is a fantastic book.

Ayot shows real courage in addressing a wide range of subjects within leadership. This book shows that business and leadership are not, can never be, without soul; but that to engage soul consciously makes for a profoundly more humane and effective leadership.

William Ayot’s poems come from the heart and touch everyone’s heart directly.

An inspirational and moving collection, His words definitely resonate with the soul. Well worth a read, even if poetry is not typically your thing!

Eloquent, moving and insightful, this collection goes to heart of what it means to be human at work.

William Ayot’s verse restores soul to those of us at risk of soul-loss in the business world and in leadership. A wonderful, wonderful collection that speaks to the heart

By reading just one poem to groups of executives accomplishes what sometimes can take a lifetime of reflection – great short cut:)

Magnificent writing. Should be required reading. Brilliant poetry = True fiction!!!!!

Inspiring and readable

How brilliant to have poetry that can be used in a managerial culture – and to such great effect. Brilliant.

Poetic brilliance! I would like to cast my vote for William Ayot’s excellent Email from the Soul. Wonderfully free, unadorned language, pin sharp on its subjects, with wit and pathos in equal measure. Profoundly moving book. Much of what William writes speaks to the soul.

I find William Ayot’s poetry some of the most moving I have ever read, it vibrates deeply with my experience. ‘Email from the Soul’ could equally well be called ‘Email for the Soul’, for they satisfy at a deep level. The poems beautifully link the delicate art of words to the solidity of leadership in a demanding world of work.

Good poetry. Hope we may see you reading at a literary festival somewhere?

All leaders should read this poetry book Thank you William Ayot.

I have seen you present other fantastic poets at the Poetry On The Border series that you run each month in South Wales. We have seen some amazing poets through this, and it is lovely to be able to support your poetry.

An excellent collection of poems. A very worthwhile read straight from the soul.

Brilliant insights into the world of business – should bring a whole new audience to poetry Moving, touching, honest, witty, compassionate. Very moving poetry.

Profound Really enjoyed some of these. Wonderful expressive poetry which moves me. thought provoking fundamentals

The wisdom in this book emerges from William’s experience, congruence and integrity. Everyone I know who has read it has had an insight or ah-ha that has enriched them in some way. Penny Tompkins, co author ‘Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modelling’

William Ayots poetry is food for the soul. A real original voice – a poet who understands and values leaders and organisations – and gives us a heartfelt experience Fantastic!

The poems are elegant and subtle, accomplished and simple, and clear as flowing water.

Reading these before a demanding work task can help restore a sense of proportion and balance. Acutely observed, powerful and deeply moving poetry- this collection deserves to be placed at the top of any poetry lovers list.

I have worked with William Ayot’s poetry as a facilitator of leadership development for years. It is great to have all his wisdom in one volume. It offers great insights into organisational life and the role of leadership. It also tells a new story of what leadership can be in the 21st century.

Inspiring work! I admire the directness and realism of William Ayot’s poems. A fantastic book – beautifully written, accessible poetry that speaks to me in a language I understand. Highly recommended for new-comers to poetry. Well done William. I will read more of your work. Inspiring, moving and truthful – wonderful As a leader, I have found this book magnificent and moving. Wishing you well, hope you win!!! It would be great to have a book of poetry as the winner.