The Poetry of Leadership

Poetry can re-affirm our humanity and re-awaken our inner wisdom. It can refresh us by helping us to re-membering our love, our grief, or any of the other things that invisibly and immeasurably matter in our lives. Most importantly, it can challenge the tyrannical ideas and practices that can arise in any organisation when it becomes overly focussed on outcome, profit and result. Science is proving that art can create new neural pathways – that it literally expands our minds.

William Ayot has worked with organisational leaders at the highest levels. Reading and exploring the poetry of organisational life, he has helped leaders and managers in all sectors to re-engage and re-energise both their teams and themselves. William’s seminars and keynotes on the Poetry of Leadership have inspired, informed and entertained across four continents, drawing standing ovations, and appreciative feedback. “Poetry helps us to keep in touch with our humanity”, he says. “Getting back to who we really are and imagining what we could become. At its very best, poetry can help us to re-experience the rapture of being alive”.

The Poetry of Leadership
Keynote, Seminar, and Workshops – 90 Minute Keynote

In this entertaining ninety-minute keynote, William Ayot explores the the human aspect of the leader’s experience. Topics tackled include imagination and language, integrity and isolation, The Leader’s role and the hidden creativity that lies within us all.

Reading from his own work and that of other poets, William looks at the small things that umulatively affect our character as leaders. By paying attention to these “small things that matter” we can come to the greater authority and authenticity that people willingly follow.

Seminars and Workshops

Over the years William has helped many leaders to re-connect with those parts of themselves that get dried out and atrophied by the constant demands of organisational life. His Poetry of Leadership Seminars and Workshops have introduced literally hundreds of executives to the powerful work of contemporary poets . In answering the call for greater heart and soul in the workplace he has helped to restore a crucial balance in many hard working lives.

Half day and Full day seminars and workshops can be tailored to your organisational needs. Interactive exercises and sometimes revelatory explorations of creativity, often make these events enjoyable and inspirational occasions. Bespoke issues can include: environmental and sustainability issues, re-organisation and cutbacks, and change management.