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Email From The Soul
New & Selected Leadership Poems

Paperback 28 Sept 2012
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William Ayot’s poetry, prose and performances have helped leaders around the world to pause, reflect and occasionally re-think; to re-engage with their imaginations and refresh themselves on the journey of leadership. This slim volume represents his work in the field and reminds us that timeless challenges can still find contemporary champions, and that old virtues can find new venues, even in the jargon-polluted corporate world. This book wasn’t written for poets. It was written for people who are often estranged from poetry, who might not trust it, who may have been baffled, or irritated, or even turned off by it. It was also written for those who spend the better part of their time guiding others through the labyrinth of working life, the men and women who, at different levels, lead the organisations that shape so much of our modern lives.